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Why a Business Phone System is Still Important in the Mobile Age

March 24th, 2020

In this post, we’ll consider why a business phone system is still important in the mobile age. Although many businesses may consider a business phone system as an outdated “legacy,” it’s not so. In fact, a modern VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, business system has notable advantages.

The Temptation to Use Mobile Phones

First, we understand the temptation the use your mobile phone for business. Smartphones are everywhere, with an estimated 272.6 million users in the year 2020. Each year, Americans consume vastly more mobile data and may spend an average of 5.7 hours on their phones.

Since smartphones are the communication tool of choice, it makes sense that some businesses have turned to use mobile phones and business apps. However, there can be substantial disadvantages to avoiding a business phone system in an attempt to reach more customers.

Business Phone Systems Increase Security

When it comes to sharing internal or external classified information, a mobile system is risky. Mobile phone tapping is a regular occurrence in today’s society. Unfortunately, both Android and iPhone devices are vulnerable to compromise.

On the other hand, a modern business phone system provides enhanced and secure communications. Thus, you have more control over your business communications. For example, with a business system, you can avoid vulnerable external servers for internal communications.

Plus, a VoIP business phone system can provide VPN, or virtual private network, services that guarantee encrypted end-to-end messages sent over the internet.

Business Phone Systems Are More Affordable

Since VoIP business systems use data rather than airtime, they are more affordable than using mobile phones. Also, though mobiles are more portable, today’s VoIP business phone systems integrate with mobile apps. Thus, you can access your messages from your mobile phone or another device. 

Importantly, you can also talk with customers and clients from anywhere on the move. Plus, a VoIP system can call multiple customers and clients from the same business phone number at the same time. 

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Brand Identity and Professionalism

Any business owner knows the importance of maintaining a polished, professional brand identity. A business phone system helps build that identity with a universal phone system. Customers may perceive that your business has more credibility and is more trustworthy when all calls come from the same number.

When you think about it, the advantage of building a more respected brand is an enormous benefit all by itself.

For more about the advantages of the latest VoIP business phone systems, see our recent post here.

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