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Mobility with IP Video Surveillance

September 21st, 2017 by Alex Gelman

If you’re tired of the limitations that DVR and CCTV cameras bring, it’s time to make the jump to IP video surveillance. Instead of having to keep cameras close to a dedicated security room or computer, you can place cameras anywhere throughout your facility and broadcast the video images...

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IP Video Surveillance

July 04th, 2016 by Alex Gelman

Keep an eye on things from afar with our cutting-edge IP Video Surveillance Systems. Whether it be a home, store, office, factory, garage, school, car dealership, lobby, or municipal facility we can install web-enabled cameras to give you the ability to remotely monitor your assets from any computer...

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IP Video Surveillance Systems

March 17th, 2016 by Alex Gelman

Looking for an affordable, hands-on way to keep your business secure? If so, you can trust our cutting edge, comprehensive security systems’ design and installation to protect and monitor your facilities! Our advanced security systems allow you to visually secure any location, including homes, stores,...

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